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Despite having an awareness of the important role of the call center in their operation, some businesses face roadblocks in their implementation. Sometimes, the perspective of an outsider can provide valuable insights that can lead to substantial performance improvements.

Professional call center consultants have extensive knowledge of how call centers operate along with implementation experience in many diverse settings. Companies that call upon these experts can leverage their expertise to take their call center to the next level.


About Call Center Consulting Companies

Frustrated business owners and managers who want to bring efficiency to their call center often lack the knowledge, experience and skills needed to do the job. As a result, they continually deal with customer service and retention issues. Fortunately, they can get help.

Call center consulting companies exist to provide support to organizations that want to convert their call centers into a profitable competitive advantage that provides an exceptional customer experience and contributes to long-term growth.

Services available from call center consultants vary from one firm to another, but they all aim to help businesses improve the quality of customer service that they provide. The call center consulting company acts as a business partner to identify and resolve problems while designing custom strategies.

After thoroughly reviewing the operations of a business, call center consultants will know the opportunities and challenges that a business faces. From that information, they analyze business processes and policies, training and development programs and technology to create an implementation plan.

In the end, call center consulting can save companies money by eliminating the waste of time and money that come with trial-and-error solutions. As a matter of fact, the perspective and expertise of consultants can equip a firm to enjoy a return on investment that quickly compensate for their cost.

In many cases, companies form long-term relationships with their call center consultants and thereby have the capacity to anticipate changes in technology and customer behavior over time. As a result, call center consulting can play a vital role in the long term success of a firm.


Consulting Process

The relationship between a business and a call center consulting firm usually starts with an initial consultation. During this time, the consultants learn about their prospective client’s goals, values and business model. When both sides decide to move their relationship forward, the hard work of consulting begins.

Before changing anything, or even recommending changes, the consultants observe the business and its call center in operation. They also spend time talking to all the stakeholders, including the call center agents, customers, supervisors, and managers. Also, as part of the observation process, the consultants will assess any call center solutions being used along with the existing IT infrastructure of the firm.

Depending on the size of the firm and other factors, teams of call center consultants, all having different specialties, may work together so that they can provide a comprehensive review of the firm. At the end of the assessment process, the consultants submit a report that discusses their observations and recommends a path forward.

Along with their final report, the call center consulting company will also submit a proposal for improvement. Typically, the proposal will include new policies and procedures as well as technology that, if implemented, can combine to create a well-functioning call center.

Additionally, the consultants will create an overarching call center strategy that uses standard metrics and benchmarks to measure success. In many settings, companies will also get help with defining their mission and setting well-defined goals.

Ideally, consultants will support and monitor the implementation of their recommendations so that they can tweak their strategies and tactics based on real-world data. Ultimately, practically every part of the firm and its call center receives scrutiny, including the hiring and training of call center agents.


Strategic Call Center Consulting Services


CRM Consulting

Companies that develop high-quality personal relationships with their customers often enjoy steady growth in terms of both sales revenue and profitability. CRM software automates many repetitive marketing, sales, customer service and support tasks while providing a centralized repository for business data.

Call center consultants will look for ways to integrate good CRM practices into the call center environment. They may also recommend technology such as software automatically pops customer data onto agent screens based on either caller ID information or IVR responses.

Customer Service Consulting

Companies need to provide consistent excellence in customer service to successfully compete. Of course, sometimes that requirement meets resistance from a variety of sources. Call center consultants can work with managers to evaluate policies, procedures, training requirements, technology and other factors that affect customer service and then recommend ways to improve it.

Technology Consulting

Call centers depend on technology to operate, but sometimes the wrong technology can get in the way of a successful operation. With this in mind, consultants can evaluate the call center environment to find ways that technology can help. Regardless of whether a call center needs new systems or simply needs to make efficient use of existing systems, call center consultants can help.

Management Consulting

Sometimes, problems in the call center stem from management issues. A call center consulting company can identify management problems and rectify them through targeted coaching and training. In other words, companies can leverage the management experience of the consulting firm in order to improve call center operations.

Agent Training Consulting

Training issues can cause workplace stress and degrade customer service quality. Consultants can study existing call center operations and identify areas where training can help. Based on their findings they can work with managers to design effective general and agent-specific training programs.


Companies can access professional talent that can revolutionize their call center operation. Business owners and managers can benefit from the knowledge, experience and skills of professional consultants who can assist with every aspect of operations, including management, training and technology.


Let us help you make your call center a success!

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