Case Studies

Brand Training: When a major credit card company launched a business credit card they were speaking with small business owners exactly as they spoke with regular consumers. We developed a training program across both the servicing and acquisition channels that educated company agents on how to speak with small business owners. Our training made the agents small business owners and had them experience the issues and problems their callers were facing. Focusing on what happened just before the call gave the agents both the knowledge and empathy to go beyond just servicing a call to servicing a customer in context while enforcing the brand image and promise at this key point of contact.

Call Guide Development: A global software developer was generating leads for their field salesforce. Leads of varying quality were being passed to the field with incomplete information. Developing a structured call guide allowed agents to develop leads in a conversational manner, capturing all key data points in the context of the conversation. The call guide offered many different ways to ask key questions, allowing agents the flexibility to match the approach to the situation and their personality. These call guides were rolled out globally across all call centers and eventually to field sales as well.

Lead Generation: A major express delivery company had limited share of their customer. Typically, they had either international or domestic service, but not both. Using their internal servicing call center, we developed leads and offers to have current customers try both services using transactional data to make the offer relevant. This program went from pilot to SOP after three months and over 1,000 additional accounts were generated. These new accountss were essentially cost free as they were adding just a few seconds to a servicing call and presented as a service and not a sales call.

Click To Call: A major cable company was experiencing huge abandonments from their digital phone transaction page. Customers were interested in learning more about the service, but after starting the transaction they abandoned the page in alarming numbers. Placing a click-to-agent button on the page and offering human help to address individual concerns was tested. Customers who clicked the button and spoke with an agent converted to a sale over 70% of the time. This person-to-person experience alleviated many of the concerns consumers had and addressed individual issues that no FAQ could solve.