What We Do

Contextual Strategy: In many companies Marketing throws its program over the fence to the Operations team and loses all control. We help Marketing professionals translate and execute their programs in the call center and sales environment. While call center managers want to keep conversations short and scripted, the marketing program may require deeper engagement and more customized conversations. We help translate the broad marketing strategy to actual consumer conversations – and then operationalize the strategy to achieve desired results.

Brand Integration/Branded Conversations: Brand Identity and Brand Promise are often compromised at the Moment of Truth when a customer is speaking with a representative. We help our clients deliver the brand promise within the context of the daily interactions between your call center agents and your customers.

Customer Experience Evaluations: After all the investment in adverting and marketing, does the customer experience live up to the promise? We help you deliver the experience that delights customers. While operations professionals are concerned with service delivery efficiencies and costs, we breakdown the experience of the customer and rebuild it to help create a happy and loyal brand advocate.

Training: We develop customized training programs which engage your agents. Trainings are delivered in person and reinforced through internal communications. Trainings are engaging and fun – agents learn through exercises and interacting – not just sitting in a classroom taking notes.

Operational Improvements: We work closely with operations to optimize marketing results. Where operations are often concerned solely with efficiency metrics, we look at results whether they are sales made, leads generated or satisfaction achieved. We help achieve results within the existing operational framework.

Sales Improvements: Through agent hiring, training and call guide development we help create conversations that improve sales and conversions. Moving away from scripted responses and towards meaningful conversations, our call guides allow agents to control the call, making the necessary points without sounding scripted and robotic.

Vendor Selection and Management: Knowing the vendor landscape, we can help you select the right vendor for your program. We know the core competency of vendors and can help maximize the success of your program. In addition we can help negotiate favorable contracts. We also perform day-to-day management including agent selection and termination from the program, call monitoring, and results management and reporting. We can also help you make determinations of on-shore vs. off-shore sourcing.

Web/Phone Integration: Consumers abandon applications, shopping carts and other key transaction points in alarming numbers. Often this abandonment is due to unanswered questions, insecurity and doubt. Making an agent available to address each individual’s unique concerns and questions typically results in a conversion. Using click-to-call and click-to-chat technologies we can help increase conversions and decrease abandons.

IVR Evaluations: Automated systems and complicated phone trees can really frustrate callers. Are you making your callers angry before they even talk to anyone? Are your customers exploding when they finally do reach a human being, putting your agent in a bad situation right from the start? We can help you make your system easy to navigate and more customer-friendly.

Call Guides: We develop structured scripts and call guides that allow for agents to have conversations with callers while providing the agent with a structure for call control and a template for uniform data collection.

Call Monitoring: Most call monitoring is done for agent evaluation and performance. We also monitor calls to evaluate the customer experience and develop scorecards and guides that help improve not just an agent’s performance but the company’s.