Call Center Customer Experience Strategy


Customer experience centers around the overall opinion a person has with a brand. This means that even the most amazing product on the market can have a negative customer experience rating. Why is this important? Because it can and will affect the success of any business.

Like any organization, call center strategies need to include prioritizing the customer experience. It’s merely not enough to have a good product or service, especially in an age where customers can find a new provider with a simple Internet search.


Defining Great Customer Service

It’s one of the goals for every business to attract customers. It’s the basis of all consumerism. Unfortunately, not everyone puts into consideration the impact of superior customer service. Without it, it’s more difficult to stay successful.

Great customer service consists of five primary parts. A weakness in any one of these doesn’t necessarily mean the company is failing, but it does hinder the growth of the overall experience from customers.

Professional Staff

From the perspective of a call center, agents are key to the success of a brand. Knowledge, efficiency and even personal job satisfaction will all play a role in how agents interact with callers.

Personal Interaction

Callers appreciate being treated with respect more than a lot of organizations realize. Being personable and engaging relaxes consumers and contributes to making the experience worth the effort of contacting the brand.

Easy Access

Customers need to have a variety when it comes to contact. Not everyone prefers calling as many may be more partial to email, live chat or even social media.

Fast Resolution Times

Most people need a call center to resolve issues and queries as quickly as possible. This includes anything from account information to processing refunds.

Reward Systems

Don’t think of rewards as a form of bribery. Instead, view them as a way to further engage customers while providing incentive to remain loyal.


About the Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

Providing a superior customer experience, or CX, requires a strong strategy. Each segment of the CX will benefit from analyzing efficiency and developing plans for improvements. Otherwise, customer service will remain stagnant at its current level.

The purpose behind the CX strategy is to improve relations between a brand and its customer base. Because customers will take to social media or email and share experiences with a vast audience, it’s vital to inspire a positive post. And implementing a good CX strategy is the first step to boosting brand reputation.

The function of the CX strategy is to provide a base from which call center staff can work from. In a sense, the strategy is a guideline for the activities of employees. It also demonstrates what the ideal experience should entail and what objectives are needed to reach those goals.

Another aspect of creating a good plan for customer engagement is budget allocation. It’s all about putting money into products and services that work to improve the CX. Like the old saying goes, “You need to spend money to make money.” This means a logical budget for CX today may lead to greater profits down the road.


Advantages of Using a Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

The advantages of a CX strategy has potential to improve business practices. Everything from customer churning to agent attrition rates are often affected by using this plan of action.

For example, strong call center strategies:

  • Reduce the impact of bad customer experiences. Think of positive reviews instead of negative ones.
  • Develop long-term relations and loyalty from customers. One person buying a product today is not as valuable as a customer continuously buying products for a lifetime.
  • Improve efficiency by giving consumers what they want. Call resolution times, information and functionality are ideal from the perspective of the caller.
  • Lead to greater diversity and functionality as customer needs grow. Technologies, upgrades and features to accommodate customers helps to strengthen the relationship.
  • Allow agents to focus more on customer interaction and not business key performance indicators. The satisfaction of a consumer is an important part of retaining his or her business.

The bottom line is a poor CX greatly reduces income for brands as well as call centers. Strategies work to make sure those customers are taken care of and enjoy the experience of being a consumer of the product or service. Otherwise, they will surely take their needs to a competitor.

Consider that many consumers are willing to pay more money to a brand that offers a superior experience over one that is cheaper. Like the adage goes, “You get what you pay for.” In this case, people will pay for a better CX.


Creating a CX Strategy that Works

Creating a strategy to boost the experience of consumers isn’t as difficult as many might assume. While some aspects of it may be time-consuming, the trade-off is worth the effort in most cases.

How do call centers go about developing a strategy that works?

Defining the Ideal Customer Experience

The ideal caller experience needs to be analyzed from start to finish. Depending on the industry, this may entail breaking down different types of interactions. For instance, people call banks to discuss loan concerns, savings balances and other queries. Defining how each one is handled creates a solid base to work from.

Understanding the Target Consumer

Any business benefits from understanding the target consumer. Data from analytical tools, end-of-call surveys and even in-house case studies are greatly beneficial for knowing what customers expect and what they are looking for.

Defining Goals for Optimum CX

Target goals provide a standard in which everyone in the call center strives for. A lot of these goals can be derived from understanding target consumers and addressing concerns or negative feedback.

Basing a Strategy Around the Goals

Knowing a goal is only part of its success. Next comes the steps needed to meet them. Sometimes this means investing in better software and equipment. It may also mean perfecting agent training.

Monitoring the CX Strategy Constantly

Keeping an eye on how the strategy is progressing is important. This gives management an opportunity to make adjustments to better suite the goals. One way to check this progress is through a call center customer evaluation.


In today’s market, the competition is incredibly vast. It doesn’t take much to turn customers away when there are a lot of similar services available. Because of this, call center customer experience strategies need to focus on delivering the best possible interaction. The result is a customer base that is loyal which promotes growth for everyone involved.


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