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Customer service plays an integral role in how businesses perform. It’s the result of strategy, process, technology and people management. How all of these points are addressed impacts how consumers view any organization.

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In today’s world, implementing specific technologies can help exceed the expectations of the customer. Call center improvements such as gamification, voice biometrics, social media and other platforms increases the likelihood of success for all parties involved. From the agent answering a call to the consumer looking for information, these elements improve the experience overall. Thanks to advancements in customer service technology, the agents are better prepared to give the best experience possible to those who need assistance whether it’s online or through a phone conversation.



Gamification is a practice that engages employees. It’s a process and modification to training that changes the way staff view their jobs. Instead of traditional platforms or text books studied in a classroom, this solution engages agents using video game mechanics.

The process of gamification works because it taps into more of an entertaining way to complete ones task. For instance, employees are often found to be more efficient at their jobs when there is a competitive element in the process. When the “game” is based on skills that can be improved and there is a comprehensive award system in place, agents put in more effort to succeed.

A few ways gamification can improve the workplace include reducing talk-time totals, improving first-call resolutions, reducing the number of customer call-backs, improving overall attendance by agents, reducing agent turn-over within the establishment, and other. Employees who enjoy their jobs are less likely to call in sick, take more pride in their company roles and are less likely to quit. Gamification serves to engage the staff, which then affects how agents interact with customers.


Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics is a technology that connects callers to an existing voice print. Essentially, it’s like comparing fingerprints through the phone. This type of system has a variety of ways it can be implemented from authorization to data retrieval of an existing customer.

Combining voice biometrics with a form of personal identification creates a powerful level of security. Because it is extremely difficult to alter voice prints, it has potential to reduce fraud. This alone makes the process worthwhile to many organizations.

The system works by analyzing various attributes of an individual’s voice. Components such as tone, resonance, pitch and other characteristics are unique to every person. Algorithms then connect a person’s voice to different forms of data depending on the system that is in place. This could be used as a form of passkey to access accounts or by allowing a computer system to show the caller agent data related to that individual.

The addition of voice biometrics improves customer support by reducing authorization times and helping agents to quickly access pertinent information. It also reduces the need to remember passphrases, which can be a bonus for those who call in.


Social Media Platforms

Social media is one of the most utilized platforms on the Internet. This means that engaging on these platforms is a virtual requirement to maintain a strong customer base.

One of the reasons social media is an important aspect to consider is because of its versatility. It’s used to promote everything from product updates to marketing. Customer service engagement, feedback, responses and even live feeds are used by many organizations to connect with the populace.

Unfortunately, it’s the social element that can cause concerns for some. In this environment, it’s ultimately easy for others to see and read information. Sometimes this includes personal data that shouldn’t be aired in a public forum. Contact center agents need to recognize when an issue needs to be pulled from social media while privately continuing to provide service.

Social media is an inexpensive way to analyze customer complaints, analyze data and advertise to the masses. It’s a platform that can be just as enlightening for business operations as it is for customer engagement. Without putting effort into this form of communication, a business can actually cause harm to brand reputation.


Cloud Solutions and CRM Systems

The Cloud is one of the most effective platforms for growing a business. Whether it’s VoIP communications, data sharing or file storage, the potential for becoming more efficient is staggering. This includes the prospects for Customer Relations Management, or CRM.

Using CRM systems gives agents a way to understand more about the customer than merely a name. Being able to access a wide scope of data allows the agent to better serve the individual and what he or she needs. This robust outlook of a caller often includes elements such as purchase history, billing information and a variety of other data centered around that particular customer.


Multichannel Communication

In the past, phones were one of the most effective ways for customers to contact business entities for virtually any reason. Technology today allows those same individuals to choose different methods. Many organizations will adopt these different channels simply because it improves customer service.

For example, not everyone is comfortable speaking over the phone. These people may find greater value in live chat or email. Before the communication even begins, the customer already has an improved outlook of the company because he or she is communicating through a preferred platform.


Customer Service Analytics

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of customer service is analyzing data to improve. By scouring through the numbers and how certain things affect customers, it’s possible to enhance future strategies for engagement. Knowing what works for callers and the details behind agent improvements builds on delivering a better experience.

It’s through scrutinizing analytics is when a business can implement positive changes. When the data is ignored, a business model may continue to consume time and resources while being ineffective.


Customer service technology improves the experience for consumers. Because the world is open to a broad spectrum of competition, providing the best of these experiences is important to keeping customers loyal. From improving the mindset of agents and employees to delivering the most efficient use of call center technology solutions, it’s all about satisfaction.


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