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Success in business depends on how well a company meets the needs of its customers. In the light of modern technology and the current business climate, companies often lack the expertise to create and execute winning contact center strategies. Contact center consulting addresses that need by providing firms with the knowledge and expertise needed to create an exceptional customer experience.


Contact Center Consulting Company

Research shows that customers will pay more for their goods and services if they will have a good experience during the process. Similarly, exceptional customer service results in customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals that can lead to consistent long-term growth. In either case, companies can increase their profit margins simply by providing an exceptional customer experience.

Despite understanding the import relationship of the contact center with profitability, many firms lack the expertise to develop and execute effective contact center strategies. For this reason, contact center consulting services have much to offer.

Although the philosophy and methodology of call center consulting companies vary, they exist to help companies provide an exceptional customer experience. To achieve their goal, these specialized firms assume the role of a business partner as they evaluate existing policies and procedures as well as technical infrastructure.

After identifying the challenges and opportunities that face a firm, call center consultants set about creating and executing effective strategies. The process may involve everything from streamlining business processes to deploying omnichannel contact center solutions.


Strategic Contact Center Consulting Services

Every business has a unique set of circumstances, so they all require specialized attention and custom solutions. An effective contact center consulting company recognizes this fact and methodically sets forth to understand how a business operates. Afterward, the consultant provides an assessment along with their recommendations for action.

Generally speaking, contact center services perform as many as four functions while working with business clients. Depending on the scope of the relationship, the consulting company might provide one or all of these services:


Without a plan, businesses and their contact centers can lose sight of their values and goals. By defining a strategy to achieve well-defined goals, the contact center consulting service provides a pathway to success. The following activities may comprise the planning process.

Operational Evaluation and Planning – By assessing the current state of the call center and comparing it with the expectations of the firm, the consulting service can create a roadmap for success.

Infrastructure Inventory and Assessment – Identification and documentation of all the contact center solutions currently in use along with its available IT resources. This process forms the foundation for any recommended additions or upgrades to the technology infrastructure.

Definition and Design – Consultants can define the requirements of a business and then create a high-level design (HLD) to for the contact center. This activity may consider alternatives such as outsourcing, technology and procedural changes to improve the customer experience.

Omnichannel Considerations – The communications preferences of prospects and customers will contribute to the development of a strategy that provides a consistent customer experience regardless of the medium used.

Multi-site Operations – Part of the planning process requires the optimization of resources across locations to increase operational continuity and responsiveness.

Assessment Criteria – Determining what metrics will best assess contact center performance. Such key performance indicators (KPI) will help identify trends and enable the use of historical and global benchmarks.

Outsourcing – Decide whether the use of outsourced labor, infrastructure or other resources can improve the performance of the contact center.

Survivability – Consultants can work with the client to create plans for operating during and recovering from disasters ranging from equipment failure to fire and theft.

Financial Planning – A financial impact statement should accompany every component of a plan. Such information can help with the prioritization of activities via cost-benefit analyses.



Many companies lack the human resources and expertise to put plans into motion. Fortunately, the same consultants that developed the plans can make them a reality. Working hand in hand with business owners and managers, the professional help can make implementation surprisingly simple and effective.

Setup – Contact center consulting services can design and create call centers in accordance with the decisions made during the planning process.

Initiation – Following the establishment of a new or remodeled contact center, the consultants can facilitate implementation by providing management services. Consultants can also oversee the transition from an in-house to an outsourced contact center (or vice versa).

Technical Support – Companies that use contact center consultants can receive technical support and training that helps managers and team members quickly adapt to their new environment.

Policies and Procedures – This part of execution draws upon the knowledge, skills and capabilities of the consultant to create an administrative structure for the contact center that promotes efficiency and quality.

Integration – The contact center must seamlessly and effectively integrate with the rest of the firm. Part of this process may involve making resources in every department accessible to call center agents and escalated customer service issues.

Analytics – During the course of operation, call centers will use speech analytics and other systems to monitor performance.

Evolution – Contact centers, businesses, products and market continuously evolve. Consultants can help firms anticipate and prepare for changes to ensure the consistent delivery of an exceptional customer experience.



Available contact consulting services include a variety of activities designed to help organizations operate profitable contact centers. The following list includes some common educational projects.

  • Contact center consultants can speak at small meetings and special events to educate employees and stake holders about relevant topics that affect the contact center.
  • Consultants work with business owners and managers to design and implement training strategies.
  • Content services provide firms with written articles, research material and situation analyses that can educate and inform stakeholders.



Businesses can draw upon the expertise of contact center consultants to assess organizational needs and provide guidance for the implementation of technologies that include ACD, multimedia, computer telephony integration (CTI), social media, IVR, self-service options and reporting and analytics.

Other available services analyze operational factors such as knowledge management and voice of the customer and workforce management. Also, a full range of available benchmarking services helps managers properly collect and interpret performance data.


Contact center consulting services provide knowledge, experience and technical expertise that empowers companies to increase their profitability through excellent customer service. In fact, by relying on industry experts with proven skills, firms can make better choices as they invest their time and money. In the end, contact center consulting gives companies a vital competitive edge that results in increased profitability.


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