Improving Contact Center User Experience

A contact center is more than just a place where a consumer can speak to a representative. It’s a facility that can be considered the forefront of an organization. As such, it needs to uphold the highest level of standards to be successful. The contact center helps keep the current customers feeling satisfied while attracting new ones as well.


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As customer service is considered king in a contact center, it needs to be addressed with the utmost care and vigilance. The contact center needs to have more of a customer-friendly feel to the experience, which can increase overall client satisfaction.

Many common frustrations can be addressed through customer experience evaluation and consulting. Various strategies can be used to enhance both the satisfaction of the customer as well as the success of the business.

Mapping Out the Customer’s Journey

A map of a customer’s journey is essentially the touch-points the individual made when interacting with the company. It’s a collection of data that demonstrates the behaviors and needs of the customer, which ultimately helps the company devise the best strategies for interacting with that particular client. By meeting and exceeding the demands of these individuals, the reputation of the brand increases as word of mouth spreads about the positive user experience.

Applying Self-Service Automation

Customers want to have their needs met as quickly and easily as possible. A self-service system allows them to access routine information without requiring input from an agent. Integrating these kinds of solutions into the customer service allows an organization to address their customers’ concerns more efficiently. By understanding the needs of the consumer, calls and contact information can be routed to the correct agent. This can greatly reduce the amount of frustration experienced by callers.

Using Cloud-Based Solutions

Technologies that are based in the cloud are well-known for saving organizations money as well as improving overall efficiency. Using cloud-based solutions has several key benefits such as the ability to scale on demand, reduced capital investments, integration and customization, moving the workforce to any location and improving resolution rates. In a short amount of time, channels such as email and chat can be quickly implemented in the cloud and allow for better user experience.

Integrating CRM System

Connecting a CRM system to the contact center platform gives agents a more robust outlook of the individual with whom they are speaking. Everything from past purchase histories to billing information is available, giving the agent details concerning the particular customer. This lets the agent personalize the experience even further, which can make the customer feel more engaged. Having customer data readily available can reduce confusion, as well as provide an overall better experience for both agent and the caller.

Providing Agents with Adequate Training

It takes more than simply looking at the average call times or number of calls handled in a day to determine the success of an agent. Evaluations need to be focused more on demonstrated behavior and skills for each individual call. Repeat calls often happen due to inadequate training. Giving contact center agents the skills necessary to handle calls can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Adopting an Omnichannel View

In the digital age, there are a variety of channels available for customer support. Being able to handle all of these efficiently can go a long way for customer satisfaction. A caller should feel comforted knowing that they can pick up the conversation in chat or email at a later time. All of these channels should be available to customers at all times. While some may feel more comfortable speaking to an agent, others may feel more compelled to chat. The last thing a contact center wants to do is alienate a customer in their preferred channel of communication.

Measuring Performances

A strong strategy to improve any business practice starts with accurate and reliable data. To ensure great customer service, frequent monitoring and observing of the real-time statistics and key analytical points is of vital importance. Gaining the most accurate insights possible regarding the processes of the contact center will also help when it comes to managing the center and improving its results.

Our Solution

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