Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions

Today’s omnichannel systems are proving to be an effective solution for contact centers focused on improving customer experience. Digitally-connected customers like to have different options for connecting with customer service. To better engage your customers, the company should provide several communication channels.


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Offering different means such as telephony, chat, or email has the potential to serve more customers in the ways that they prefer. Understanding customer needs and taking steps to address them is vital to successful call center operation. Proving some or all of these channels can empower contact centers to bring customer satisfaction to the next level.

Omnichannel Customer Service

Customers aren’t thinking in terms of channels – they want convenient resolution of their questions or problems. Smartphones allow them several options, such as voice, text, email, and internet solutions including social media. All too often, companies keep these resources separate. Omnichannel services ensure that they are all integrated and fully supported for consistent customer satisfaction on any channel.


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Customer service has inevitably evolved along with technical developments in communication. Customers can now reach the same business on different occasions through via phone, text, video, or live chat through omnichannel solutions.

In a competitive digital landscape, it’s not enough to simply answer questions. To be of value to consumers, customer service has become more personalized. Both customers and companies want to build relationships. Customers want to be treated as individuals and find problem solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Omnichannel contact centers improve customer experience by coordinating cross-channel enquiries. Contacts go into a common queue that can be directed to appropriate agents to create a smooth, balanced, timely response in the context of any given channel.

Integrating Multiple Channels

Modern consumers expect to receive the same level of personal service from an organization, but on any channel they choose. They may find company or social media websites to be the best option in some circumstances, and phone or SMS in another. Companies focused on superior customer service find ways to provide in on every possible channel.

Multiple channels of services are best provided on an omnichannel solution that utilizes the same call center resources for consistent performance and seamless operations. Customers are only interested in finding a quick and effective solution; which channel they choose to communicate with is simply a matter of personal preference. Some feel that voice will be more effective, while habitual internet surfers will like the convenience of Twitter or Facebook channels.


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As the use of mobile devices continues to expand, they provide consumers a number of options they can use any time, from anywhere. Many customer contacts may originate as text messages or website visits and be escalated to voice or video at a single click. Omnichannel services give the customer more flexibility while increasing the organization’s ability to quickly adapt to each choice and provide a suitable customer experience.

A cohesive omnichannel solution allows companies to maintain service levels, accessibility, and customer experiences at high levels regardless of how customer communication originates. Omnichannel capability is especially important today in the context of mobile users who spend a good part of their time on their devices.

Mobile consumers are accustomed to shopping and evaluating products and services over the internet. They are adept at carrying on conversation via text, voice, and instant messaging, so extending this capability to customer service is a natural and convenient alternative.

Omnichannel Solution Benefits

Contact centers integrating an omnichannel approach will find significant benefits over reliance on traditional telephony, or segmenting customer channels into operational silos.

Convenient – omnichannel customer self-service makes it simpler for customers to use in the way they like.

Customizable – every interaction is different, and may require more than one support channel. Tracking and integrating these options allows companies to develop customer-specific solutions.

Seamless – the different technologies such as voice, mobile device access, live chat, email, and more can be integrated to work through the same central IT infrastructure. This allows organizations to capture transactional, demographic, product-related, and other useful data. This information can be used with CRM, marketing, analytics, or other programs to provide call center and overall business insights.

Cloud-friendly – omnichannel designs can also integrate with cloud technology to provide secure and cost-effective solutions.

Cost-effective – Web-based interactions generally take less time and lower costs than traditional telephony call resolution. Making digital channels available to customers who actually prefer them not only saves money, but improves capacity, productivity, and appeal.

Customer Loyalty – customers who can find quality service over the channels of support that they prefer to use are more likely to remain loyal to the company and make repeat purchases.

Omnichannel customer service is an approach that integrates multiple channels of communication such SMS, voice, or video to provide suitable options for today’s tech-savvy, digitally connected consumer. Companies can provide a superior and more complete customer experience by letting them select their own preferred method of communication as they like. It also provides a customizable, cloud-friendly approach that call centers can use to provide personalized services.

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