Customers are an essential part of every business. They are not a vague, faceless group with uniform characteristics; rather, they are unique human beings. It is important to treat each customer as an individual with their own particular needs, desires, and requests. Every customer has their own personality and attitudes. Therefore, each customer, even repeat callers, must be regarded as a new and original case that should be treated with respect.

Similarly, each company is unique, with their own personalized philosophy, service processes, and business goals. In addition, the application of customer service techniques may vary from agent to agent depending on a specific situation. Thus, a customized approach to training customer service agents is crucial in achieving excellent customer service performance.


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About Customized Training Programs


Effective customer service training programs are tailored to the needs of each individual organization. The training is customized to fit the company’s brand and methods. These customized programs consist of extensive analysis to identify key factors, employee-tailored training sessions, and progress monitoring with feedback. A customized training program encompasses input from staff, evaluation of the customer experience, and the business objectives of the organization. This individualized approach is based on real-life experiences and focuses on the relationship between customers and company employees.


Customer Service Standards


Every company should develop and maintain a detailed set of customer service standards. The identification of these standards relies on a company’s understanding of the market, competitor analysis, and the assessment of customer satisfaction with current customer service practices. This set of company standards should be accurately identified and unambiguously communicated to all agents. In addition, the standards should be applied fairly and consistently to gauge performance.

While communicating the established standards to customer service employees, it is important to stress why these standards are of value to the company and the customers. Agents must know what emotional response to expect and identify ways of accomplishing a certain level of service. Customized training programs rely on these standards to plan and measure progress. Customizable training programs use service standards to guide employees, while at the same time allowing them the autonomy to adapt the standards to their own personality and to each individual situation a new customer creates.


Customer Service Analysis


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As part of the customized training, customer service analysis is focused on current successes and challenges in delivering customer service The information that is analyzed may be derived from surveys, customer complaints, interviews, comments, and records of daily interactions. Within the analysis framework, the performance assessed through these factors is compared against the set service standards and customer expectations. The process of measuring performance metrics is used to identify specific strengths as well as particular opportunities for improvement. These improvement opportunities can then be specifically addressed and developed through customized training programs.


Identifying Training Needs


Customized training programs are developed based on an organization’s training needs. Each company’s training needs depend on their goals, specific requirements, prior staff training, the level of experience and indicated customer expectations. Different companies will therefore have different training needs regarding customer service. For example, some companies may require more thorough telephone-based training, and other companies that have no call center will need only basic guidelines for telephone calls. Specific training needs can be identified through customer feedback and employee input. Customized training programs will develop training to meet each identified requirement. A broad skillset, patience, and clear guidance will keep everyone working toward the same goal – customer satisfaction.


Employee-Tailored Training


Not all employees will have the same training needs. Individual and group needs may differ widely and are assessed through their records, performance metrics, observations and personal interviews. Different groups of trainees will require different approaches and teaching methods that best suit their particular needs. The success of customized training programs stems from the fact that they are tailored to particular agents, groups, and other employees based on their individual needs, knowledge, level of experience, and past history of customer interaction.

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These training programs motivate agents toward providing higher levels of service to their customers. The training goals are retained and reinforced through repetitious practice, and the trainees guided in applying their acquired skills into unique, real-life situations. Customized programs produce more confident and flexible agents, increasing their job satisfaction and productivity.These programs help employees gain the level of understanding and confidence, enabling them to apply the shared standards to suit the needs of each and every customer they deal with.

To sum up, every interaction between customers and agents will be different according to individual personalities, company policies, agent experience, and customer expectations. There is no one customer service approach that will fit all the situations an agent will encounter. It is important that agents be able to respond and adapt to differing circumstances as individuals. In addition, customers in general appreciate a personalized, individual approach much more than scripted, formulaic responses. In order to obtain the superior levels of customer service that create satisfaction on both sides, the employees must become more knowledgeable, flexible, and customer-focused.


Our Solution


We create customized training solutions to improve agent performance and help companies achieve the high standards they would like to see in customer service employees. Our customized training programs are based on real life experiences and developed in cooperation with individual companies and their agents. Our focus is on individualizing the training process through evaluation of both customer and agent input.

The results of the customized training programs we provide are satisfaction with each individual’s improved performance, improved ability of employees to adapt independently and effectively to changing circumstances, increased motivation, and higher productivity. A training environment where mistakes are allowed and asking questions is encouraged and supported can impart the very improvements companies are looking for in customer service staff. Our training helps your staff to develop skills which lead to excellent service not just on a special case basis, but over and over again. We are here to make sure that higher levels of agent performance become your company’s standard practice.