The Customer Experience Snapshot

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How customers feel about your brand often depends upon their personal experience with your front-line customer service agents.

Think about this….


Most Admired Companies Not-So Admired Companies

LLBean Cable companies

USAA Phone companies

Zappos Banks/Insurance companies


Do you really know what your customers experience when they call you?

  • Satisfaction and NPS scores provide you with a score but don’t provide specific actions to improve immediately
  • Internal Quality Assurance provides you with how your agents are performing relative to operational goals and procedures but not what the customer experiences and how the customer feels


** What’s missing is a customer centric scoring system based upon your customers’ actual experience and emotional interaction with your brand**

Knowing your Customer’s Experience

  • We make actual customer calls into your organization using your scenarios
  • We monitor additional calls into your organization with same scenarios
  • We measure across 30 variables and deliver scores across 3 dimensions based upon:
    • Friendliness and willingness of your agents to help
    • Your company’s ability to solve stated problems efficiently
    • How easy it is for your customers to do business with you


What you Get

  • A full report detailing what your customers experience when they call into your service center from their point of view
  • Scores across the three landscapes including emotional connections, company competence and customer effort required
  • An aggregated Customer Experience Score
  • Actual recordings of your Customers’ Experiences


Why you should commission a Customer Experience Snapshot?

  • It is customized to your brand and specific experience scenarios
  • It is actionable with recommendations on how to make instant improvements
  • The results are easily understandable and will resonate across your organization
  • The program can be completed and a score delivered in just a couple of weeks

Call us at 888-571-9492 to discuss your customized Customer Experience Snapshot today!