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Customer service is at the heart of every business. The customer experience with the call center is a crucial and key component in a customer’s brand experience. The support provided to customers before, during and after an interaction has a direct impact on a customer’s relationship with the company. This impacts NPS/Satisfaction scores as well as current and future transactions. Without excellent customer care, business success cannot be sustained.

Front-line staff and call center agents should be trained to deliver excellent customer service. The training generally involves the development of interpersonal skills, emotional competence and product knowledge. Contextual training in particular enables call center agents and operations workers to treat customers as individuals and provide customized support.

Customers should be empowered to use different solutions. Self-serve, automated and high touch solutions can and should be offered, but customers should be able to choose which solution works best for them and be able to move seamlessly between them.

To further improve customer service delivery, agents and front-line staff must work closely with marketing departments. It is crucial that agents understand and translate marketing initiatives to the call center conversation. Conversely, agents’ direct experiences with customers should inform and help marketing experts understand customer experiences, needs and expectations.

With properly trained call center agents, automated call solutions and cooperation between departments, companies can deliver exceptional customer service and consequently improve the customer experience.

Our Assets

Marketing and Call Center Strategy

In addition to providing customer service, call center agents are an invaluable asset in promoting brand values. Marketing experts should therefore work closely with agents and front-line staff, informing them of the company’s marketing strategies and objectives. To embody the organization’s brand promise, agents must understand the principles of branded conversations. Marketing in one-to-one conversations depends on agents’ interpersonal skills and brand knowledge. Our call center consultants will translate your specific marketing objectives into a call center strategy that focuses on your clients’ needs and simultaneously enhances your brand image.

Ecommerce Call Center Solutions

Many customers still prefer human contact to technology. A high number of on-line buyers abandon their transactions at critical points due to insecurities and doubt. In order to decrease this number, businesses should focus on integrating their e-commerce with call centers and allowing the customers to directly contact an agent. Our click-to-call and click-to-chat solutions enable agents to convert web-site visitors into customers by addressing their individual needs and questions. These technologies improve customer experience and have a direct impact on your business results.

Our Strategy

Evaluating and Implementing IVR Systems

In many cases, IVR systems involve complicated phone trees that can be hard to navigate. Callers are often required to perform a number of tasks or wait for a prolonged period before ever reaching an agent. Consequently, agents must deal with disgruntled customers and frustrated callers. These problems can be eliminated by implementing efficient IVR systems which improve customer experience and assist agents in providing great customer service. We evaluate your existing IVR system to assess its efficiency and provide technological solutions that reduce your cost-per-call and increase customer satisfaction.

Performance Management Process

Sales improvements are a result of a quality product, excellent service, good marketing strategy and properly trained employees. In addition to training your staff members, we help you analyze the competition, set your own customer service standards and define efficient marketing strategies. Our aim is to encourage managers and employees to work together in planning, monitoring and reviewing the company’s objectives. We offer performance management strategies that are based on every organization’s individual needs and goals. By monitoring employee effectiveness, promoting team work and encouraging feedback, we help you establish and accomplish your business goals.

Providing Customized Training Programs

Many businesses underestimate the importance of their call centers, providing very little agent training and ignoring their marketing potential. It is a well-proven fact that properly trained agents increase customer satisfaction and achieve greater sales. We help you train your contact center employees and front-line staff by developing flexible call guides, providing exercises that improve interpersonal skills and promoting your brand values. Our training sessions result in more confident employees with increased job satisfaction levels. Highly motivated and knowledgeable agents are able to deliver exceptional customer service and turn customer satisfaction into greater sales numbers.

Vendor Selection Process

Organizations do not function in isolation; they require both customers and partners in order to conduct their work. Business partners and vendors can make or break your business. Our experience in third party call center vendor selection will enable you to choose the right vendors for your program and help your business thrive. In addition, we will teach you how to negotiate favorable contracts. To further optimize your operations, we develop specific day-to-day management strategies that incorporate all aspects of your business. Accurate daily financial procedures, personnel management strategies and highly developed logistics systems enable smooth functioning of your organization.

Call Center Improvement Technology

Call center technology encompasses a variety of hardware and software systems. Automated phone systems help agents in dealing with a large number of incoming calls. IVR systems in particular provide an easy-to-navigate customized automated solution. In addition to the automated systems, call centers can use other technological solutions to improve their efficiency and deliver good customer service. Monitoring softwares are used to record and analyze phone calls, while click-to-agent buttons on websites serve to enhance the computer telephony integration of call centers. In general, call center technology should improve agents’ performance and overall customer experience.

Call Center Training

Call center agents should be trained in order to deliver exceptional customer service. Agent training consists of exercises and interactions, the aim of which is to develop competence, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. The training programs should be tailored to the needs of individual agents and organizations. Our customized training programs rely on staff input, customer experience evaluation and particular business objectives. We provide in-person training that is engaging, fun and delivers desired results. A properly trained call center agent embodies brand values, connects with customers on a human level and is able to handle unexpected situations.

Call Center Strategies

Call center consulting involves obtaining a constructive view of your call center operations, recognizing its challenges and developing improvement strategies. Our consultants will take you through each step of the process. We work together with you towards achieving the optimization of your call center and exceptional customer service delivery. Our consultant team helps your organization to connect with the customers, improve the customer experience, increase sales revenues and build brand loyalty.

Call Center Assessment

The assessment of your call center is the first step in achieving call center improvements. The assessment involves analyzing the people, processes and technology within the call center. A key component in any assessment is monitoring calls between agents and customers in order to measure both agent performance and evaluate customer experience. Call monitoring cultivates a learning environment and enables the tracking of process improvement results. Evaluating your existing call center procedures serves to identify potential customer dissatisfaction triggers and create customer friendly systems.

Call Center Improvements

Call and contact center improvements can be achieved in a variety of ways. The primary focus should be placed on call center agents. In addition to hiring the right employees, companies should invest in their training and on-going development. Measuring your agents’ performances will help you identify their strengths and weaknesses. Other key factors in call center improvement are equipment, technology and procedures. Systems that cater to customer needs are efficient and easy to navigate. Such systems increase customer satisfaction level and enable agents to provide excellent customer service.

Here, we believe in strategic planning, contextualized solutions and customized support. Our passion towards training and consulting runs as deep as our experience and knowledge. Assisting businesses and organizations in achieving their full potential is our responsibility and privilege. Your success is therefore our full-time mission.